Healthy Snacks for Men & Better Sex

healthy-snacks-for-menHaving good nutrition is an important part of our lives as well as having healthy sex. They both play prime rolls in our wellbeing. Depression, stress, tiredness are some of the reasons many men lose their sex drive. Excessive alcohol and certain medications are also a part of this. Here food plays a significance part in reviving your sex drive.

Sex is one of the most basic functions of a human being. It brings pleasure and strengthens feelings between you and your partner. It’s a powerful emotional experience for improving and protecting health. Absence of desire and other sexual problems can turn your sex life into a mess. To not experience this, you should look into your diet for help. Here are some of foods which help you enjoy your sex life better and will also improve your health.


This plays an important part in reviving your sex drive. Beef, chicken and port, these things contain Carnitine, L-arginine and zinc. First two are amino acids which improve blood flow. Nonstop blood flow is very important for sexual counter between men and woman. Zinc on the other improves your immunity but also plays a crucial part in your sexual function. Having low zinc levels will lead to unproductiveness and low hormone levels in men. Having more meat will cause high risk of heart diseases. So it should be taken in a considerable manner.


Excellent source of Vitamin B. They increase your energy level and reduce your stress levels. They are also packed with potassium which is used to produce sex hormones, your hearts health and your sex drive. They contain Bromelain which is an enzyme that helps improve your blood flow.

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds

This helps in boosting your zinc levels which directly affects your productiveness and improves your immunity. Zinc is one of the most crucial mineral which improves sperm health and quantity. These seeds also have healthy fats which are important for healthy sex. These can be mixed into breakfast cereals or salads.


Also considered as superfood “natures Viagra”, improves sex drive and performance. It contains rich Vitamin B which helps in boosting your energy levels and dampens stress. This basically belongs to a radish family and is available in powder form. Maca is used to boost your libido and increase your endurance. It also helps in balancing your hormones and increase fertility. ½ teaspoon a day is a good place to start.


Raw chocolate containing phenols which are excellent for heart. And a healthy heart means healthy sex drive. It lowers your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It contains phenylethylamine, a chemical whish increases your feelings of desire.

Raw nuts

They can actually help bring flare in your bedroom. Nuts as in almonds, cashews and hazelnuts contain amino acids L- Arginine. They help in boosting nitric acid production in your body which leads to an increase in production of sex hormones. This helps stimulate firmer erection and sexual performance. Adding these to salads or any smoothies will do the job.


They have been praised for years. Oysters boost your testosterone and estrogen levels which lead to a high sexual desire in many cases. An excellent source of zinc which helps blood flow to genitals in both male and female respectively.


Popular for healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. This fish as well as tuna or halibut is the key to enhancing your sex life. Omega- 3 basically prevents plague to build up in your arteries. This improves blood flow all over your body. This should not be taken in huge quantities as some studies show that omega-3 acids might increase the risk of growing a combative form of disease.


People say never eat garlic before going on a date as it leads to bad breath. You might want to look into this again. This herb helps to thinner blood and prevents high cholesterol and heart disease. Garlic helps ensure that there is plenty of blood flow in your lower regions. So before going on a romantic evening with your partner, a healthy dose should be taken as it will benefit both. If both are eating it, no one will mind the strong breath.


Full of magnesium, it helps in dilating blood vessels. Good blood flow in genitals leads to greater stimulation for both men and woman. Other vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cabbage and bokchoy are also good sources of better sex nutrient.


They aren’t the most tactile food but it is very hard not to have them for a healthy body. Full of vitamin B6 and B5, they balance hormone levels and calm down stress levels. They great for weight loss thanks to their protein. Eggs are crucial for healthy Libido.

Oatmeal and other whole grains

Male hormones play important rule in sex drive and orgasm strength in men and woman. Oats contain L-arginine which is an amino acid which improves the effect of nitric oxide on reducing blood vessel stiffness. It relaxes muscles around blood vessels in the penis like Viagra. Oatmeal and other whole grains like brown rice and barely are also good for a healthy heart. They burn slow and won’t shoot your sugar levels sky high. They provide you excellent energy and make you feel fuller longer.

Red Wine

Red wine contains quercetin and will help you get a positive response. It gets the ladies in the mood.


They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This could also improve your love life. Along with others like cherries, onions and grapes, these contain rich quercetin. Quercetin basically is an antioxidant and is called flavonoid. As far as sex goes, this antioxidant promotes blood circulation. It controls the symptoms of prostatitis which is an infection in the prostate gland and it causes testicular pain with ejaculation.

A poor diet can lead to health problems that may cause problems in sex. The point is if you feel good about yourself that leads to you feeling good about relationships as well. If one is tired or exhausted, this will surely have a negative impact on your sex life. One should maintain a balanced diet and exercise each day.

Diet alone is not enough to improve your sex life. You should exercise every day, sleep and relax. This will definitely have a good impact on your sexual life. A healthy sex life leads too long term commitment and affects your ability to communicate sincerely and confidently in a positive manner. Men and woman who are sexually active can express themselves better.

Eating healthy, nutritious food will lead you on a path of great sex. Likewise, bad eating and weight gain will certainly affect a bad image and your confidence. Excessive body weight or fat is also bad for your healthy blood flow. Healthy blood flow plays a crucial role for your body to become sexually aroused. Adopting healthy eating habits will definitely make you look sexier. Also it will make feel sexier too.

Always try to balance 40% protein, 35% carbohydrates and 25% fat. A well balance diet will keep your body in shape, you won’t gain excessive weight and it will also increase your stamina sexually too. You should aim to eating 5 or more mini meals a day instead of 3 big meals. This will keep your metabolism at steady rate. Plus you won’t get voraciously hungry and will never feel way to full.

Great sex life takes time, commitment and patience. A healthier relationship with food will definitely lead you to better sex. You look great when you eat right foods. You feel happy and healthier than ever. You will have all the energy and confidence to do all the things that you love doing. Both in and out of your bedroom!

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